Timmy Johnston (the_untitled) wrote,
Timmy Johnston


The holidays are just about over. They were nice. I said I needed time to think, and I think I achieved that.
And the result...
I have no fucking idea! But at least I know that I don't know, and that's a step in the right direction. A lot better than trying to fake an opinion, or happiness.
It did see an end to some things. The realisation that certain parts of my life, choices of lifestyle, music stylings, types of friends ... have got to go.
I love my wife, I love my cat, my family, and my hobbies. There's no room for anything else. The moment that I pick up anything else, or try to re-kindle old memories, one of those things suffers, and it kills me to see that. I have been trying to cheat that proposition for years now. There's simply no way around that.
As they say, as you stop becoming a child, you have to put away childish things. And I'm not getting any younger. Right? Right.
So from now on, parties are on headphones in my study, adventures are in books and photographs, and music conversations are in blog entries, or I just mumble them to myself. I guess it's not that bad, but I still feel like I have to mourn their passing.
So there you go.
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