Timmy Johnston (the_untitled) wrote,
Timmy Johnston

Straight and narrow

Oh reality, why do you stalk me?
I understand that those around me are in pain, are lost, and hurting.
But I've been toiling for such a long time, and with the idea of having a week off from the world, I'm finding it hard to detach myself without feeling like a bastard.
I mean, it's tough yunno. It's not like I don't care, it's not like I haven't asked if there's anything I can do. Despite all my offerings, there's really nothing I can do to help.
So then do I kick back, enjoy the fruits of my labour, enjoy the remainder of 2012 knowing that it was a fucking tough year, but I stuck it out, and I'm doing just fine. Do I?

You know what, fuck it. I've worked too hard not to enjoy this. So I'm gonna put on some music and grab another drink. I could do without the guilt though.
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